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    "Nothing is impossible as long as you can strive harder". -Manikanta Belde

    Manikanta Belde is an author and Entrepreneur who is an expert in several areas. He is an author of fiction and non-fiction series. His other works include Quotes of Wisdom, The Ultimate Stress-free productivity secrets, The Rhythm of Life, The Last Tree of Wishes, and Awakening Death.
    He is a creative and innovative public speaker who has held discussions with students on topics such as creative learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, time management, etc. His passion for sharing knowledge and wisdom has made him contribute significant resources that have transformed and enhanced the lives of people.
    All of his works are innovative, thought-provoking and helpful in all the possible ways.

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    "The best talks happen in your head. Keep listening to them."

    The Mantra Of Living your Life exists in these three words. "INSPIRE, INCULCATE and INNOVATE"


    INSPIRE the world and get inspired from the word. It's a two way process just like learning.

    INCULCATE the best ideas and philosophy in others life.


    INNOVATE things from what you learnt.

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